Our one-day package starts at $1100 and includes eight hours with one of our talented designers and a design assistant. So what are you waiting for? Let's get Tszujing!!

Have you ever wished that you could shop with a designer or two? Then our Insta-Tszuj package is right for you. In one day we will Tszuj your room by shopping in local stores for accessories to elevate your existing pieces of furniture to the next level. We shop with you, we put it all together at your place, and we leave you the receipts. Keep what you like and return what you don’t.



 a word whose usage dates as far back as 1968 in Britain. Its spelling, much like its origin, is elusive. It has been defined by the American Dialect Society (who placed it on their 2003 Word of the Year List) as a verb to mean “primp or fluff up”. Today, it appears in the pop lingo to mean “making something striking or flamboyant”.