How Does This Work?

After choosing your space from our options, you will then click on the option that best describes the size of your space.  You will be directed to our online design studio, where you will be able to purchase your design package. Once your packaged has been purchased we will be sending you a questionnaire and a list of homework assignments, such as photographs, measurements, and other necessary information. We would like to remind you that you will be purchasing our design, and it's up to you to decide what level of products you which to choose.  

Once we have your questionnaire and your "homeowork", we will schedule a call with one of our designers to make sure all of your wants and needs will be met.  Then we will get to work designing your space for you.  In about 6 weeks you will receive a design from us,  including a floor plan, color selections, wallpaper suggestions, a shopping list, product samples (if applicable).    You will also receive a detailed list of where you can purchase these items, or we can purchase the items for you.